Does your child needs help with is Math Class? Help is here!!

As part of our community outreach Maryland T20 Cricket and Support-A-Child program have decided to provide math tutoring service to children in need.

Our first math program teaching pre-calculus has been started as of 01/24/2017 meeting every Tuesday @ 08:15 pm. Building on this success we have tentatively scheduled to start our Algebra II classes starting from late Feb 2017. So far we have 2 middle school students enrolled and are seeking 2 more to start the class. We meet online using Google Hangout for about 45 - 60 minutes. This is a small class of about 5 – 7 students per tutor. Given that we are a not-for-profit organization your first 5 classes are free; and there after its $30 per month.

Interested parents may drop us a line at; alternatively you may fill out our survey form here

We will certainly put in effort to start class that meet your child’s requirement as well.

Would you like to help?

We welcome folks proficient in Math help tutor or be assistant tutor.

Donations are certainly appreciated to maintain quality service and are highly appreciated.